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About Me -----

Pamela Alexandra Menzell – 1961

Apprenticeship in Conoor, India by Dr. Senthil Kumar, as a certified Yoga Teacher.

In addition, completion of 'Training Workshop' in India by Dr. Senthil Kumar, as a certified Reflexologist.

Completion of “Prof. J. H. Schultz Autogenous Training Workshop” conducted by the Pedagogue of Health and Relaxation, Beate Hansen

Completion of “Adequate Nutrition by Dr. Bruker Nutritional Workshop“conducted by the Health Council of DGB, Alfred Wilfert

My former occupation as an international model allowed me to explore the world for many years. My interest in foreign countries, cultures and knowledge has remained unbroken. I have lived in the most diverse places: born in Holland, raised in Belgium and later Germany, I moved to the USA in the 70s. In the mid-80s, I traveled to India and Asia living in Japan and on Bali. The late 80s found me exploring the continent of Africa. In the early 90s I had two children with whom I have repeatedly traveled to the USA and Africa. We presently reside in Hamburg, Germany. Every year we try to visit and explore a new country.

Traveling broadens your horizon…