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Yoga (90 Minutes) Individual Lesson 90, - €
Yoga (90 Minutes) Group Lesson (up to 5) 90, - €
Yoga (90 Minutes) Group Lesson (from 6) 100, - €
Business-Chill (60 Minutes) Individual Lesson 70, - €
Business-Chill (60 Minutes) Group Lesson (up to 5) 70, - €
Business-Chill (60 Minutes) Group Lesson (from 6) 80, - €

A Yoga class starts with deep-breathing exercises (Pranayama) followed by physical exercises (Asanas) and ends with a phase of deep relaxation or meditation.

A Business-Chill class starts with deep-breathing and relaxation exercises followed by some Asanas for the upper body, neck, arms and back with a few “twists”.

  • Would you like to change your life?
  • Walk smooth, fit and dynamic through life?
  • Change Your diet in an intelligent way?
  • Reduce weight without counting Calories?
  • Don’t want to cook according to recipes?
  • Don’t have the desire or time to visit a studio?
  • Want to learn to love yourself?

I would gladly accompany you along this new journey. We will decide together how long this mutual path will be. This investment in your health, depending upon your goals, will be determined individually.